Monday, December 5, 2011

Community 2.0 on CUNY Commons!

From CUNY Academic Commons onGoogle +
After going to the presentation about the Commons at the CUNY IT Conference yesterday, I decided to start a blog in the Commons that mirrors the work we are doing here.

If you are curious, the first draft of the blog is HERE.

Right now there is only a feed with 10 latest posts, but we plan to do a "best of the posts" summary every now and then also.

To be an author on this blog, just shoot me a mail. You will need to join the Commons with your LAGCC mail address.


  1. Thanks for doing this, X. One question: does this mean that whatever we post here will automatically show up on CUNY Commons? Is it an open group?

  2. Here is the article from The Chronicle

  3. M--Not the whole post; just the title (as a link to the original post), author, and date posted. Yes, the blog is public, just as this one is.

  4. I like CUNY Academic Commons. Good idea!

  5. CUNY Commons rocks! Please add me to the authors list.