Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Flip-Class: A Short Thought following CUNY-IT

For many years now, I have been teaching what I considered an "inverted class", meaning what in a traditional classroom would be "classwork" and "homework" are inverted so that what would usually happen in class (lecture, small group discussion, activities, cross-evaluations, and Q&A) become "online homework" (or, now, "anywhere work") and what would usually be "homework" (primary writing, individual assignments, and revisions, and so on) become "class work" (or "lab work").

One of the presenters at CUNY-IT called this a "flip class" and they have some interesting data to support how well it works (details to follow). It seems to me that many of our recent posts are speaking to the desire to "flip class".

OK, "flip class" sounds like a work-out routine, but why not?

I think this could be one of our major focus points for the Spring seminars. Thoughts?

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