Saturday, December 3, 2011

How my students feel about Facebook

Since it's close to the end of the semester and I'm in a reflective mood, I thought I would share some comments my ENG 101 students made about using Facebook in class. This was one of 7 questions I asked them to answer on a class evaluation survey. I will ask my 102 students to complete a similar survey in class on Monday. You can see the whole thing here:

Responses were overall quite positive and there are some good suggestions regarding future use (like incorporating more online interaction by having them comment on each other's posts). I was somewhat worried by the admission that they would do their homework while chatting online but I guess that's to be expected. At least they were doing their homework! The question is: Did you find our use of a class Facebook page to be helpful? If so, how? If not, what would you change?

Here are their responses:

Yes because it updates me on what i missed in class and anything i didnt have the chance to jot down on the assignments needed to be done. I dont think i would change much at first i wasnt comfortable with everyone being able to read my post but it turned out to be for a good purpose because it gave you the chance to see others opinions.

yes it was helpfull keep in contact whit the teacher if we have any questions and know about the h.w in time.

yes it was convinient for class informal writing

yes i did very helpful made me work harder because i was afraid of what others might say about my writing so it made me think more critically which is good.

yes i did because im always on facebook and having something educational to do on ity was a great experience

In the start of the course i completely hated the idea of Facebook but towards the end i learned to like it however, i think that people should comment more each others posts and and a discussion in class.


yes, it gives me a lot of informations. also i can see my classmates feedback inside so that i can learn from my classmate and develope my idea in my artical.

yes, it was easy to compare and contrast with other class mates.

i found it helpful because it was a easy way to get the articles and other news about the class more directly.

yes , and this very smart idea to do the homework . becasue almost everyone of this class spent many times on facebook .so while i was chatting i was doing the homework

our use of a class facebook page is helpful because we can share the idea.

Yes, it is more easy to learn something from other students. It is really helpful for me.

It is very much heplfull. The reason is, I did not have to be worry about submitt my work in ontime.

yes, I was able to review other classmate work.

This was helpful for the fact we were able to read each others work. This is a good idea but maybe facebook shouldn't be it because not many of us have facebook.

yes, it helped me keep up with assignments.

I didn't see much use to it, I would prefer all the online writings to be done in class. It does however offer a new learning experience, something different to students which is always a good thing.

Yes its helpful, because if you missed class you could go on the facebook page and see what homework you have for next class and what you missed.

yes i did its a good way to see each others thoughts and to compare and very easy to access

yes! it's very simple and you can share your ideas and get new interesting ideas from some one else.

Because i could learn and get ideas from other people's comment


  1. It is very brave to use Facebook for courses. I have not gotten there, yet.

  2. Well, that much positive student feedback on anything is impressive. I'm experimenting with Ning right now as a Facebook-like platform, and reading this makes me wonder if I shouldn't just be using Facebook. How did you keep your own profile separate? How do you control the feed of what's happening in class v. personal feeds? I think I like Ning enough, but it's weird that it feels so closed compared to Facebook, where everybody already as an identity (so to speak).

  3. I have gotten mixed reviews and negative feedback on the overstimuli FB provides for students. It can often be can be a turn off to do school work. I'm a user myself and I have come up with the following: "Less is More!"

    You're indeed brave for trying this social media platform and managing it so well thus far. Great Job!