Saturday, January 7, 2012

"Bad" Drawing

Art-in-New York.

Deformation of the Figure.

Non-art resource.

I created my online activity, "Bad" Drawing, as part of the Community 2.0 seminar. Although I cannot find the site anymore (I think it was on Wiki, but I am not sure now), my students had this activity in my Art-in-New York course before the semester ended.

A. Learning Objectives.
Before my class experienced it, I created a revised "Bad" Drawing Assignment to meet my students' needs.

B. Reflective Description.
As I mentioned in my previous blog entry, Blogger was blocked in the lab that I reserved for creating student blogs although I specifically wrote that my class will use when reserving the lab. However, LaGCC lab technicians were supportive and available during our lab time, so the issue was resolved smoothly. Nevertheless, what do you think students attempt when they cannot view their blogs in a computer lab? Yeah, right, logging on to ePortfolio. "NO EPORTFOLIO THIS WEEK! DO NOT LOG ON TO DIGICATION!!!" was the first thing I had to say on the day. This was kind of sad.

C. Conclusions.
I made ePortfolio optional for my students this time, but it was not my intention. It was just that Digication was down for that specific day I scheduled an appointment for my students to have an ePortfolio workshop. We simply switched our system. Next time, I will try to schedule it much earlier. The good news was that, though, because the class already had blogs, we were able to maintain our course schedule and my class was not interrupted too much by the accidentally-created Digication down time. At the end, Digication is just a tool for my students to learn.

The idea of this "Bad" Drawing assignment came from my "100 Drawings" assignment, which I give out in the beginning of every semester. Students often tell me they are so bad at drawing and become very nervous about losing points because of it. To tell you the truth, those students are normally best ones in class. I became curious to find out what their notions of "good" and "bad" in drawing. Moreover, I decided to "torture" them further by assigning "bad" drawings where they can lose points by creating good drawings (!!!!!)...oh well.

After the lab, a few students told me that having a sample blog entry for this assignment can help them post their own entry. I will consider that next time, but my feeling is that things like this (the first "Deformation of the Figure" entry) do not come into exist if I show them a sample work ahead of time. Also, another student made four posts, instead of one post with four pictures: (1) Non-Art, (2) Def of the Fig., (3) Art-Res., and (4) Fantastic, which I found fascinating.

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  1. What a great assignment! As I said in your own blog, this one is a keeper. And I absolutely agree with your that you should *not* give them samples beforehand; that will just stifle creativity. If they goof up, that's a "teachable moment" as we like to say... :-)

    It is also very interesting that you mention the Digication snafu, as it kinda solves the issue of blog vs. e-portfolio you were mulling earlier: as long as we don't have platform security (and will that day *ever* happen?), it's a good idea to have students work in more than one platform. AND to have pen/pencil/brush and paper at hand....