Monday, January 9, 2012

Best of Class: Ximena's Believe It or Not

And the winner is...[DRUMROLL]

you are not going to believe this...


Now, right off I want y'all to know that I always take my end-of-semester reflections with a grain of salt. After all, 'Tis The Season to Butter up The Teacher Just before She Turns in That Final Grade.

On the other hand, this year I had two sets of classes that had 0 (zero) motivation to butter me up at this point in the semester. My Basic Writing students knew who was (or was not) going to take the CAT-W, and my Shakespeare students knew that they would get 100 points from me no matter what they said in their reflections (let me tell ya, those assured 100 points can liberate some students!).

So, why am I calling this moment the best of class? Judge for yourself:

I. Four excerpts from Shakespeare reflections

"If a student had a lot of things on his or her plate (work, school, friends, global warming, occupy wall street, etc.) I would not recommend [the Shakespeare class]. It does not make one to be less of a man to run way from this class and focus more on the essentials....this class requires a lot of hard work and time..."

"Oh boy was I happy to have you as a teacher. You gave the impression that you're goofy, have  a sense of humor but are still assertive when it comes down to it. And I appreciate that, a teacher that is not too serious and knows how to teach while still enjoying what she does."

"If I had the power to put up flyers all over LaGuardia, it would state that ALL students who are required to take one English elective should unquestionably take [the Shakespeare] class"

"I wish there were a part two to [the Shakespeare class] because I would love to recommend myself to take it. If a student is really serious about learning about William Shakespeare but in a fun and unique way then this is the class to be in."

II. Four excerpts from Basic Writing reflections

"After I got over the initial shock that my classmates and students in another class could see what I wrote, it hit me I can do what I do best and that is… be nosey."

"I definitely recommend this course to other students because it will help them not only to be better writers but also better human beings."

"The  shallow  idea I was having about the course before I started the class, is to help one to write good English. But after several weeks of the class I made to understand that is not the only purpose of the class because it has help me to know much about society that I have no idea about."

"The most memorable moment [in this class was] thinking about reality. It’s touched my soul. We are living in the time where rhythm of life so fast that we sometime even doesn’t have time to think about some simple things."

Oh yeah, and apparently I should NOT teach using PowerPoint because I stink at it (okay, the students did not quite put it that way, but I got the hints). *SIGH* live and learn....


  1. Better human beings? Wow. I seriously need to take your class.

  2. Those are some pretty gratifying, inspiring comments!! Well done.
    It sounds like you were able to get students in both sections to forget about grades and passing for long enough to let the world pass through them. I bet the will benefits of your teaching--the skills, the insight, the humanity--will only increase for them with time.