Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Best of Class

I've had many great moments this semester but I especially liked the group article project I developed for my ENG 101 class. The process was too complicated and I will definitely streamline it for future use but it ended up being a lot of fun. I describe the activity in my November 19 blog post but my favorite part isn’t mentioned – the group presentations. Students expressed trepidation at having to stand in front of the room but they all did an amazing job. Some read from notes, others had memorized their “parts,” and one group put together an impressive PowerPoint. The best part is the way they worked together to create seamless presentations. When one group realized one of its members was absent they quickly checked the class Facebook page (where I had asked them to post their responses in advance) and managed to fill in beautifully for their missing classmate. I was really impressed with them and I could tell that they were impressed with themselves. They also realized how tough it can be to stand in front of a roomful of students, asking them questions and getting them to engage in discussion. In their final class evaluations, some students suggested doing more student presentations throughout the semester, something I am definitely considering for the Spring.

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