Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Agenda: 29 February 2012

Community 2.0 Agenda
29 February 2012
10:00-01:00 E255

10:00-10:15 Welcome!

10:15-11:50 Peer Critique of Collaborative Activity

  • Overview
  • Presentation of Activity & Peer and Self Critique using Google Forms HERE

11:50-12:00 Break

12:00-12:15: Checking “the other side” of the Google Form HERE

12:15-12:45 Checklist to Rubric Discussion

12:45-01:00 Reflection Blog Post (Reply); Course Code Verification HERE 


  • Student Pre-Survey HERE
  • Reading Assignment HERE
  • Spring Class/Project Descriptions HERE
  • Weekly Posting
  • Activity Application


  1. Every time I look there is a different design for this site! Thanks for getting rid of the snow and getting started with Spring, but it's hard to find among all my open pages when I am looking for something different.

  2. Sorry--we were trying to find a Spring design for today's meeting.

  3. Today I learned a lot about quality online lesson design. I learned through peer feedback that I need to give students a lot more information regarding the type of critical comments they are to give their own peers.

    I also found the discussion of "google forms" very useful.

    In the future, I suppose that I like activities that introduce useful technologies coupled with time to experiment with those technologies

  4. It was good to discuss and critique our activities - getting peer opinions as well as needing to take a critical look at our own assignments. It definitely gave me direction for modifying and improving the assignment and I was also inspired by the other activities presented in my group.

  5. I really liked the collaboration on the connectivity assignment. I got terrific feedback from Rebekah and Nozomi, and I have a better sense of what needs to happen for me to implement it.

    I learned that I really am tiring of blogs, and in my discussion of my chat assignment I found myself saying harsher things about how "static" blogs appear than I previously felt. This surprised me, and made me realize how hungry I am to incorporate another king of tech dimension into my assignments.

    I would like to see more tech demonstrations in the future; I liked the Google Form idea and I would be curious to see Blackboard grading, although I've moved away from Blackboard. I appreciated Ximena telling me about Topsy the other day, and I'd like to see and/or return to the Netvibes and Ning stuff we encountered last spring. I tried using Ning last semester, for example, and didn't really find the set-up intuitive. I'd like to become more fluent, and that's something I want to try this spring.

  6. I also really liked knowing the possibilities through "Google forms" - I had no idea we could do surveys, quizzes, etc. through Google docs! Thank you for the great resource and hands-on experience with it!

  7. I liked being able to discuss the collaborative activity with others and to offer and receive feedback on it. Google forms is an interesting document--the reporting out is really interesting, but I don't think I would be able to, say, conduct peer review with a form that has so many yes/no choices: students love short yes/no answers so I think I will have to have more boxes to fill in. On the other hand, as we mentioned in the discussion, students lack the necessary vocabulary for some of the items discusses, so some questions with preset answers will be necessary.

  8. Next time I'd like to learn Blackboard grading (but if you could send me something sooner so I could start setting it up, I'd be way appreciative!). I liked the activity on the activity today. I liked its dynamic quality--that we could write up an activity, explain it, and then, in evaluating it, unpack it further. Depending on how my class unfolds this semester and even the platform(s) I ultimately decide to use, I will probably shift what I'm doing. And then, how I actually "deliver" the activity will be interesting. (I will look forward to hearing how others' went.) Thanks for another great get-together.

  9. I got a lot of useful advice on using blogger as discussion platform for my online class, and I might be bothering Jason and Ximena about it for help. As always, it is useful to get feedback and criticism assignments. The demo on using google forms was also very helpful, and I might use it in my spring class.
    What do I want to learn? I might not know yet, as technology changes so fast, but it is good to know that this seminar will probably connect me with new technology.

  10. As always,it was great to see what other people are working on with their classes. I love getting ideas from colleagues in various departments and hearing them explain the rationale behind their work. I also liked being able to 'road test' my activity -- getting feedback from others and seeing what still needs to be done to make it truly interactive and engaging for students.

    My other favorite part of today's meeting was getting to see some applications for Google Docs that can be useful for my class, particularly Ximena's adaptation of my plagiarism quiz into an online form that allows me to share results. This is a great way to let students provide feedback that could help me revise future assignments.

  11. We're just like good wine--getting better and better with age. All the self and group critiquing has been exponentially higher in quality. Is it because we know each better after one semester of this type of work? I would like to think so. The exchange of concrete ideas and how they work and don't work. This session was the perfect workshop to guide to revise our plan for Spring I 2012, to help us raise the bar for ourselves and to improve the student learning experience.

    I walk away inspired, re-energized and confident!
    Thank you Jason & Ximena (The Community 2.0 Super Duo)!

  12. Re-post for Ari:

    Very interesting activity today. I enjoyed learning about Google Forms. They seem like a very effective way for students to evaluate instructors in real time, so we don't have to wait for SIRs. In future meetings, I would love to hear more about Blackboard 9. What is new? Anything helpful for hybrid classes?

  13. Thanks for the thoughtful and positive feedback! Y'all are the best. :-)

  14. I enjoyed joining everyone for the face-to-face seminar today. My critique session with Rebekah and Justin made me recognize the issues that my lesson plans are facing. My students need more interactions with each other online and more feedback from me on their blogs may be necessary. Those points never came up in my conversations with students last semester, so it was a valuable experience for me to be able to discuss potential space for improvements.

    Google Forms may be useful for me this semester. I will explore further this tool.

    By the way, I am currently experiencing difficulties archiving my old messages in Gmail. My Gmail account says my email "storage" is almost full and I will not be able to receive or send any email once I use up all of my spaces. Wow, really? I thought, with Gmail, I never need to erase a message.