Monday, February 27, 2012

Best of Class

Justin Rogers-Cooper

The students and I had a great afternoon when we watched some segments from the PBS documentary Citizen King. We paused several times during segment to discuss what was happening; in the account, King's attempt to force a crisis in Birmingham didn't really work even after there were initial arrests and his famous letter. Then he allowed children to demonstrate, and from there the police attacked with dogs and hoses. It was a marvellous discussion and I told the students to Tweet their responses for awhile. While they did so, I projected my Twitter account on the smart screen. I felt incredibly joyous watching the Tweets appear and fall down, one after another. Each student was Tweeting several at once, and it appeared like a emerging stream of ideas, one after another, like the Twitter account was the flowing thought of the class, as if we were writing together as one bubbling organism.


  1. I like the notion of a "bubbling organism!" :-)

  2. I love your (and students') enthusiasm. Judith