Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Best of Class

Teaching a hybrid course for the first time during the fall semester was both a challenge and a good experience for me. Compared to other courses that I have taught, I had to develop a more definitive plan on how to deliver my lessons. Even though, technology was an essential part of this course I had to skillfully devise a way to integrate it through out the semester. I had to connect the online activities of my students with my face-to- face interaction in class. Most of the time it worked out very well, but at times I had to go over some of the lessons that were either too difficult or just need to go over again.

Looking back at my teaching experience and the feedback that I have received from my students, I have gained a significant amount of information that will help me reshape the design of my hybrid course for this spring. At the very minimal, I will need to integrate the use of technonlogy more frequently and effectively. From the mixed reviews of students, a little more advisement and guidance to students on who to fully take advantage of an online course is very crucial. Also this experince has evoked a need for my department to begin to establish policies and guidelines on the admission of students to such type of courses and develop support for them to be sucessful.

Overall, it was a good learning experince for me.

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  1. Welcome to the club! Hybrid courses are exciting. I personally liked to see Professors online as a student, so this new set-up must be fun for students.