Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Best of Class

The best assignment last semester in my hybrid-online Intro to Art was the blog project, Art Food Yum. I described the project to students as a "Community art project/international recipe book." Students picked a favorite recipe, documented the preparation of this dish, and then posted the results to Blogger. The resulting compendium can be shared by any participant, and can be added-to by student in future semesters. The students loved this project because they recognized the ability of food to express their individual experiences. I loved the project because it represents the cultural diversity of LaGuardia's student population (and I got to steal some of the incredible recipes for myself!). Rebekah Johnson & Hugo Fernandez's "Language of Art" cluster students also participated in this blog for extra credit.

See it here: http://art-food-yum.blogspot.com/

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