Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Best of Class.

Art in New York.

This "finding the Best of Class moment" was the hardest assignment I ever received in Community 2.0, so I asked my students for help! Their answer was "[our] favorite assignment/blog post would have to be the Artist interview."

Hey, that Artist Interview was OUR CLASS FINAL. I wonder how many of LaGuardia students were fortunate enough to say that "my final was the best."

In any case, I decided to share sample finals with the seminar group. Enjoy!

Final Project: Artist Interview:

Additionally, just in case you need to see this:

A. Learning Objectives.
Students will be able to:
Evaluate works of living artists in NYC for a face-to-face interview.
Describe elements in Contemporary Art and generate meaningful questions.
Explain why they "like" or "care about" certain types of artworks/ artists.
Analyze how and why certain artworks were made.

B. Reflective Description.
The Final Project for the course was an artist's interview. Students had to prepare a 250-word summary with a link to a blog post (of the interview transcript, images, etc) although the style was wide open. I was also physically available in our regular classroom during the final so that they can ask me questions or seek extra help. The only rule was that they cannot interview a LaGuardia student for the Final Project. They could interview any faculty or staff members. Students started to ask me what they should ask artists or where they can meet artists, so I sent out many many emails about free art events/open studios and posted sample questions on the course blog. I wonder if my students ever looked at them, but the information was available for the class.

C. Conclusions.
I think students had problems talking to strangers, even at art openings and even for their assignments. This amazed me. I started to think "Wait, is this a failed assignment? Wait wait, this is the Final and I made this because I thought this is easier for them, but is this in fact much harder than a regular research paper?" Then, one report came in: "I interviewed my high school art teacher." Here you go! You do already know artists. In fact, artists are everywhere in this city and you interact with them every day.


  1. Great idea to ask your students what their favorite was! Were you surprised by the answer?

  2. Love all the details and how it will be clear for students to follow the task.