Monday, February 20, 2012

The best post!

My favorite post came to life by using my I-phone to upload a concise yet powerful statement from one of our students--in less than a minute. The user-friendly Tumblr application, LaGCC's wifi and our wonderful student Ximena made it all happen! Click here to check it out!

How did I do it?
-I found a well lit office (Professor's Meangru's office)
-Made sure my I-phone was fully charged
-Pre-arranged with Ximena the best time to do the post
-We recorded her script, twice. We opted for shot #1, as we felt it was less rehearsed and genuine
-Opened by Tumblr application and uploaded the video
-Watched with Ximena and other students before their final exam review!

Our mini-footage didn't need editing. I'm a fan of short and straight to the point, always. And, since the wi-fi was in its best behavior, this took us under a minute to record and under a minute to post.

Ximena and I agreed that it was the most productive ("The Best"!!!) time we had that Thursday morning. Her classmates watched it immediately and gave it a thumbs up!

Why did I think it was the best?

It was easy and all the students who were shy and didn't want to be on camera, actively supported their classmate.

Aftewards, the students took their final exam review online and their (qualitative) experiences were successfully recorded in writing and via a short video for us to watch from here onwards. We hope to use this as examples with our new Spring I 2012 classes.

Happy Presidents' Day!

Mrs. D.!
Check out Professor Meangru's best post here!


  1. Of course, I have to love the fact that your student is named Ximena! :-)

  2. Ingrid, Your enthusiasm comes through loud and clear!