Monday, February 27, 2012

Revised Activity: Critical Thinking Chat

Justin Rogers-Cooper

1. The revised activity is a critical thinking chat session. It would address the element of critical thinking in student essays before they're turned them in as final drafts. I would allow students to either Skype or chat depending on their learning style.

Advanced organization would be key. Students would have to set appointments to talk at least one week in advance. Students would submit two paragraphs from their essay to their partner three days before the chat. Each student would be responsible for reading the two paragraphs before the chat.

2. The goals of the activity are for students to recognize the presence or absence of critical thinking in the writing of another student, to offer suggested revisiosn for critical thinking, and to be able to identify the type of critical thinking employed by another student writer. At the end of this lesson, they would be able to:

* analyze whether or not a student has produced critical thinking after quotation and citation

* criticize the critical thinking strategies used in student essay

* discriminate between the types of critical thinking students use to expand on quoted passages

3. The connections being made circle around discovering critical thinking, noting its absence, and suggesting possible revisions. I would like to assign students into pairs from the same class. Each student would read the other student essay in their group prior to their conversation on critical thinking.

4. These connections are meaningful because after the chat the students could incorporate the critique into their revision to specifically refresh their critical thinking in an essay. I find the relative quality of critical thinking to be a mature indication of a student's ability to successful advance out of ENG 101.

Bloom's: Understanding, Analyzing, Evaluating

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