Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Revised activity for MathBlogLaGCC

1. What is the revised activity?
MAT115-Hybrid and MathBlogLaGCC submit your post!
2. What are its goals? (please use Bloom’s Taxonomy)
-Submitting a post about students experience with MAT115-Hybrid and MathBlogLaGCC
-Have students engage in a conversation about each other’s experience in class
by reading and then viewing the posts.
-The final experience.
3. Describe what types of connections are being made. (Across courses, across
disciplines, with the wider college community, with the world?)
The connection aim was to have student share their work with their classmates,
faculty, and the rest of LaGCC student population and any reader of our humble

4. How are these connections meaningful?
The student voice is
a powerful tool and we had to encourage this exercise. Students welcomed and we welcomed the good,
the bad and the ugly. Not every student enjoyed the hybrid (and highly use of technology
to work on MAT115), but they did enjoy the fact that they learn that they learn
best with a specific instruction model.

The strongest message across students was those priceless “ah, ha” moments. I
know how I learn best now and that I can make other choices regarding my course
selection and prepare for all the demands of a course that requires high use of
technological tools

Revision for next time:
We will have more of the submission earlier in the course.

Cheers-Ingrid & Rudy!

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  1. Yes, this is important; helping students learn more about their own learning styles directly relate to outcomes!