Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Revised Activity

1. What is the revised activity?
"Bad" Drawing on blog. It was initially created to use it on the ePortfolio system.

2. What are its goals? (please use Bloom’s Taxonomy)
I created my "'Bad' Drawing" and revised it for my Fall 2011 courses:

The original "Bad" Drawing assignment.

The revised version.

The result.

3. Describe what types of connections are being made. (Across
courses, across disciplines, with the wider college community, with the
Across courses and disciplines. Potentially with the wider college community and with the world.

4. How are these connections meaningful?
The hidden purpose of this assignment is that having my students start thinking about what is a so-called "GOOD" artwork, so in the way, I am trying to create a forum of young artists who re-define what art is, for their own generation. This is an open and on-going question. I am just hoping that my students will eventually get there at some point of their artistic life.

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