Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Revised Collaborative Activity

Looking through the checklist, I was happy to see that the exam review activity I created already covers many of the desired features. The objectives are clear, it uses a web tool that’s creative, visual and interactive, it connects students with diverse learning styles and web capabilities, it allows for sharing and commenting between students, and it’s accessible across classes, colleges, and countries.

However, there are things that still need to be done. For starters, I need to create the Exploratree template in advance and provide students with the link so that they have easy access to the web tool being used. And I need to address the final part of the checklist – the Feedback/Response/Assessment piece -- by 1) devising an assessment piece and communicating that to the class, and 2) adding a process by which students can reflect on the activity.

The revised activity would have the same goals as before, with one addition (all on the Analysis Level of Bloom’s Taxonomy):

· Analyze an array of essay prompts and choose those that are most relevant to the work done in class

· Decide which essay prompts are appropriate for a two-hour in-class essay

· Examine each potential prompt and choose one or more to discuss at length

· Outline a possible response to one or more of the selected essay prompts

· (New) Read and respond to the work posted by other students

The initial connections are being made between students in my ENG 102 class but it could easily be expanded to include my ENG 101 class, 102 classes taught by others, and/or any class teaching the same text or using similar exam topics. These connections are meaningful because they provide students with a larger model for analysis and critical thinking while preparing them for an in-class essay exam. They will be able to study for the test as they develop the skills necessary to prepare for subsequent exams or assignments.

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  1. Sounds like an excellent activity.

    I agree that the next step is to figure out how to do the activity across courses (if there is and added benefit to doing so).