Friday, March 23, 2012

The ball is rolling but not without complications!

My perfect plans to get Prof. Gutierrez’s MAT115 to take the pre-survey went out the window when a quiz took precedence last Wednesday, 3/21/2012; and the MAT096 section I
needed to invite to co-collaborate with our MAT115 course was canceled due to
the professor falling ill. I had to reschedule for next week and that in my innate planner mind, didn’t sit pretty at all. So, I inhaled and exhaled (I &E) repeatedly back to my little nook in the B-building because these things happen and are simply out of my control.

I’m a big fan of checking off To Do lists electronically and on paper. To sit here and type this
is a big deal, but I find comfort in knowing that at least Dr. Meangru’s MAT115 is getting the hang of doing problem sets on the blog and that sometimes a step backwards can only ensure to move two more steps forward. And, at least this section has completed the first interaction and pre-survey! (I guess today, I still need more I &E… :(! ).

So with this, I learned, once again, that I must adjust and just be flexible… for the best
plans sometimes just have to wait one more week!

Next week will be full of checking off things on my To Do lists!!!

Happy Spring 2012

Mrs. D.!

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