Sunday, March 11, 2012

Blogs and use of class time

I meet with my ENG 99 students in a lab once a week (my original twice a week in a lab class was cancelled) so on Tuesday I asked students to create a blog. I just put on screen "" and told them to click on "create a blog" and go through the process. I expected that when  we would meet in a lab on Thursday I would at least have some of them who would have gone through the process. Instead, 21 out of 27 students had blogs on Thursday, and of the 6 without one was not in class Tuesday so he did not know he was supposed to.

Now, granted the 6 who did not have them took class time to create the blogs but this time I only had to deal with 6 students and they all had someone around who could guide them through the process. A search through my past posts on the issue on creating blogs shows that this used to be a very frustrating process because I would take all of the students through the process step by step, yet an amazingly large number of students were able to do this on their own without asking questions or any snags (while there were many in the lab--the same others have reported like the locking out of phone numbers etc). There is an obvious point here about students turning into dependent puppies in the setting of a classroom and being independent adults outside of it (for which teachers share responsibility) but more importantly after using blogger for so many semesters in class I had forgotten that the tool was actually supposed to be easy enough to be set by anyone out there, else there would not have been such a proliferation of them--an advantage I had almost eliminated by guiding students through the process using class time. 


  1. Isn't it amazing how we can slip into the "instructor" role and feel we need to intervene in everything that's going on, as if it couldn't happen without us? I am intimately familiar with this way of doing things, and know I need to break free from this way of thinking. Thanks for the inspiration with your example here!

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