Friday, March 30, 2012

Connection completed!

Hello all,
I have one great thing to report. Yes, ONE, uno, UM! I managed to link up with MAT115.1699 and the students completed the pre-survey.

What worked this week?
Having the pre-survey link ready to go always makes completing the pre-survey a smooth process.

What didn't work this week?
An url link originally as the title that didn't want to cooperate, meaning, it didn't send students direclty to the pre-survey link. Thankfully I was able to edit the post and within minutes the MAT115.1699 students were able to complete this crucial step...just in time before we have one week left for Spring Break (a much deserved break we all need ASAP).
I will never never post a link as a title on Tumblr or any Blog platform. I was lucky students were
patient for the whole 30 seconds it took me to fix that minor glitch. (Know that 30 seconds in the classroom feels like an eternity. Gosh technology, indeed, is a double edge sword.)

Next week, Prof. Meangru and I shall be analyzing the first comments and experiences students
reported on our blog two weeks ago. Our goal is to be able to evaluate students positive and "feelings of apathy" comments regarding Math in general.

And with that, happy
Prof. De León

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