Monday, March 5, 2012

First Week: Blogger Issues

My first section of Intro to Art for the semester had problems regarding students creating their own Blogger pages. 6 of the 20 students in my class were not able to create new blogs from the computers in our classroom lab. These students were able to do the following: they signed-in to their Google accounts, selected "Create New Blog", and input a page name and url. On the next page, when they were asked to provide a phone number to be texted a verification code, the code or page was "invalid". I had these students sign-out and try again at another computer with no success. After a few attempts, Google also said that their phone numbers were locked out of any future attempts.

Does anyone know what the problem may be, or how to avoid this in the future? Could this have anything to do with the fact that these students did not have Google accounts before today?


  1. That happened to me once before. If too many students in the same lab try to make new accounts at about the same time, Google thinks it is a hacking attempt as the "home URL" (i.e. LAGCC) is the same. They should be able to create an account at a later time. I have had students use my phone number, but only 10 accounts can be affiliated with one number, so I cannot do that any longer. Have them try from home or next class. By the second class, I have all of them in.

    1. Thanks for the input, Jason. Do you know if Google considers all computers at LaGCC part of the same home URL, or would it be just the computers in the specific lab? Could I send the students with issue to a different lab to sign-up?

    2. It would be the server in the lab that Google is ID'ing. Essentially, it thinks the lab is one computer (which technically it is as all the computers in the lab are cloned off the server every night. The phone numbers should unlock after 12-24 hours.