Friday, March 16, 2012

Flipping the Classroom-Seeing it in Action

This is a followup to Priscilla's recent post. If you missed 60 Minutes last week you might want to see an example of  flipping the classroom in a Math class. This segment shows how teachers and parents are using the Khan Academy to help their children learn. But it's not just for kids!  The short story- Sal Khan began tutoring a cousin who was having trouble in Math. Soon hundreds of people were using his videos including Bill Gates who used it to help his son learn Math. He ultimately provided funding for its expansion. The Math modules are used to flip classrooms and in this 60 Minutes segment you can see it in action. (The Khan Academy offers thousands of free video lessons on Basic Math,  through Calculus, Art, Chemistry...) This segment is fascinating and inspiring but I couldn't figure out how to bypass two brief commercials  (if anyone has tips on how to accomplish this, please let me know.;topnews

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