Monday, March 19, 2012

Interesting Observation

In working with my students this semester, I find it amazing how little technology they understand beyond Facebook, iPod their Iphone. Getting everyone enrolled in gmail when you are working from a fully online setting presented more challenges than I thought. There knowledge of google, except for the search engine is very limited. However, we have had success and everyone is now on line and ready to post their first assignments.
As we only meet every other week in this seminar class the first real assignments will come due in 10 days. The seminar is on the Future of Work and how the work world will evolve in five to ten years time. Each blog will focus on one aspect of a changing workplace and how it might directly affect their working practices. A couple of the blogs are listed on my link already in preparation for the students having to post in them.

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  1. I have this "wake up calls" and "reality checks" all the time. I always assume that students get it, but that is not always the case If a student doesn’t use the required technology in a regular basis or it is used inappropriately, we get this imperfect scenario in our classroom and our hidden (great) expectations come to life. If it's for fun interaction, most students will use social media for fun, but technology for work/class that isn’t used all the time, for some reason always gets a bit (or tons) of resistance. Luckily, once students get all set up with the technology required for the course, then it gets easier! It’s hard to simply assume and to remind ourselves that the easiest technology can sometimes post a challenge to run our courses. Nonetheless, great job Prof. H.!