Sunday, March 11, 2012

Our First Inter-Class Connection

Hi everyone! I am planning a class connection between my ENG 102 and Ximena and Jason’s students to begin this week (hopefully). We are all asking our students to discuss the same Emily Dickinson poem. The learning objectives are:

- to identify and understand key poetic terms in use (such as rhyme scheme, metaphor, etc.)
- to analyze the poem using those terms
- to read and comment on the analyses of other students
- to draft a thesis statement about the poem

We haven’t started the official interaction yet but I’ve already “borrowed” a slide show discussing poetic terms from Jason and Ximena and used it in class last week. This week I hope to have my students look at X’s blog, discuss the findings of her students, and use that discussion to create their own thesis statements. My biggest concerns are timing (I don’t have a clear sense of how long all this will take) and technology (What if I forget to post the right link? What if we can’t access it for some reason? What if students find the technology to be cumbersome? etc).

The work they do will lead directly into their first formal essay so I’m hoping to be able to gauge how effective the lesson was based on what they submit. So far, the slide show was a success as demonstrated by their clear understanding of the terms in the Diagnostic Essays they wrote last week. I'll let you all know how the class connection goes in next week's post.

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