Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rizzieri-opening week blog assignments

My students are in the process of setting up their blogs and linking to my blog.  Out of 52 students only 29 have completed the task in its entirety which is a bit troubling.  Each day in class we have spent the first 5-10 minutes trouble-shooting the setting up of a blog.  Many students were undone by the google chrome browser.  My main concern with these two classes is that too many students are not admitting in class that they are having trouble.  Hence, it is difficult to trouble-shoot.  Furthermore, the ones that are all set are beginning to get frustrated with the continued talk in class of what they take to be a simple task.

I basically set up a blog, and gave them the address to that blog in class.  The rest of the directions for setting up their own are on my blog.  Any suggestions on how to better facilitate blog set-up with those that  are having trouble?

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  1. Hey Dr. Rizz.

    I asked my 102 to get a blog the first day of class and only yesterday did all of them finally have a blog, so the delay is apparently normal (plus students add and drop, etc.)

    Having said that, the link to the YouTube video seemed to help a lot. Most of the people with problems just did not watch it. The other thing that helped was...other students! Every semester I am astonished to see how many students stay after class to help others set up their blogs. It just rekindles my faith in humanity.

    One last thing that helped was creating a form in Google forms that basically had the following categories:

    --Last name

    --Would you like to use a pseudonym or nickname instead of your real name for your online work?

    ---(Optional) Write your pseudonym or nickname below. This is how the class will address you online.

    --Please paste your blog address below so I can add it to my blogroll. (Your blog address is the one that begins http://....). If your blog is already on the blogroll, just tell me so.

    Besides of creating a quick directory of those students who had blogs, it gave the shier students an opportunity to let me know what the issues were.