Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Week 1-Spring I 2012-Constructing and communicating undestanding for an authentic audience!

What a great advantage it is to have one semester of "constructing and communicating understanding for an authentic audience" under our belts.

This time around, we knew how to target the classroom and sell our blog as an educational tool for Prof. Meangru's MAT115-Hybrid and the other MAT115/MAT096 participating sections. We had the ability this Spring I 2012 to go directly to MathBlogLagCC and show our new students how we will be using the blog to nurture a more interative learning experience with their Math course. The Fall I 2011 archives came in very handy and Rudy's MAT115 Hybrid course were very eager and welcoming to the blog and the exercise.

The students were eager and jumped on board once we requested they complete the pre-survey. The next day, I visited Prof. Gutierrez's MAT115 course. This section will complete the pre-survey next Wednesday.

I have a couple more sections of MAT096 to visit next week, and needelss to mention, it's going to be a busy ride next week (and for the entire Spring I 2012 Session, as matter of fact). We will continue to work on creating an “authentic audience” trough every post and interaction in person, as well.

In regards to access to technology; so far, so good! We haven't had trouble with our blog, but then again, we use and not blogspot/google. I will, however, keep my fingers cross in hopes that we don't encounter technological glitches and difficulties!

Happy Friday; for this first week was intense!


Mrs. D.!

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