Saturday, March 17, 2012

Week 2-Interactions Galore!

Well, well...week #2 has been tough and super busy, but luckily we got Prof. Meangru's MAT115 to interact with Prof. Gutierrez's MAT115 via the comments sections. We finally simplified the process and students are way more eager to share their Math frustrations and successes. Check it out here! We got 46 comments and replies between students in two sections of MAT115! :)!

Prof. Meangru and I are happy that we assessed what worked last semester and what didn't; thus far--we're progressing and utilizing our past experiences to make the sharing and learning much more interactive. Despite being one of the busiest weeks I can recall in the pats two years, I think it was very productive!

Our next goal is to get MAT096's students to interact with the MAT115 students. Wish us luck!

Happy weekend!

Best-Mrs. D.


  1. I love this activity. It helps students get to see the different ways people see math. Are y'all having them respond to each other? Are y'all responding?

  2. Great start to the semester! I like the way your blog post "Your past experiences matter!" works not just for the students but is so appropos of what you wrote in your post about using your work last semester to make changes for this one. It seems like articulating and addresing those challenges and trying to approach them differently is really effective!