Friday, March 16, 2012

Week Two Reflection

Week two went smoothly in both of my sections of Intro to Art. Thanks to Jason for the explanation of why some students were not able to create Blogger accounts in the lab last week. Since all of the computers in the lab are connected, Google thinks that there is one person trying to hack the system and create multiple accounts. Everyone else was able to create their blogs from home without issue.

This week we spent time in the lab learning about the basic functions of Adobe Photoshop in order to create the second project, "The Narrative Digital Collage." This can be a somewhat stressful technology to teach, even with the most basic functions. However, most students are willing to learn, and it really is a great skill to have.

You can see the guidelines for this project on our class blog site: . Here, you can also link to the individual blogs of my students, and see their first posts for the writing prompt "Good Art/Bad Art."

PS: check out the art exhibit on the 5th floor of the E bldg. It includes work by Priscilla, Nozomi & myself!

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  1. By all means I will be visiting that Art exhibit! Great to know the students are having little trouble with Blogger from home. :-)