Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dissertation on Blogging in an ESL Community College Writing Class

I was doing some online research and found this dissertation on blogging in an ESL class:


  1. I like that on pp. 251-252 she is already suggesting a C2.0 approach:

    Because issues of trust and confidence are a major concern for many writing
    teachers of second/foreign language learners, I suggest that they should consider looking
    beyond the confines of their class and collaborate with other instructors in other
    departments, in my case the English department. In this way, the students would have
    more opportunities to get assistance from native speakers whom they perceive as more 252
    knowledgeable. This use of blogs opens a window to easy access for participation. In
    addition to coordinating classes on the campus, a teacher could also consider
    collaborating with colleagues at other schools in the area, in other cities, and in other
    states or countries.

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