Monday, April 16, 2012

How can college change your life?

Hi all,
As I read your postings I find I identify with students who are struggling to incorporate web 2.0 platforms into their course work. Since September I've experimented with three different blog formats-nothing quite captured the idea I had in mind. I began to question the validity of the idea but persevered anyway. I've settled on using NING to facilitate a dialog among students, and hopefully faculty and staff. 
Students want advice from faculty about courses take while at LaGuardia, senior colleges to consider, ideas about the majors they can pursue to achieve their goals and so on. The student faculty ratio can make that connection a challenge. I hope this NING site will spark discussion on topics of importance to students.
The first topic is “How can college change your life?” I selected this topic because I currently serve on several college-wide committees that are examining the many reasons students don’t graduate. Although their reasons are complex students need inspiration – need to hear how college changed your life. What’s your story?
I’m just getting the site off the ground but I hope you will visit at link, write a few sentences and maybe invite your students to visit too. I welcome your comments. I want to give a shout out to Ximena who spent time getting me started.


  1. I've heard great things about Ning. One thing that's a challenge is that you have to sign up for it--so it doesn't have that immediacy to capture people who might happen upon stories of how college can change your life.
    While it can certainly change your life, I'm have a bad story because I "dropped out" for ten years. I managed a record store, formed a rock band and then moved to Paris. I taught myself how to play guitar, write songs, and perform; learned to speak French (not an easy feat when everyone who plays rock n roll seems to speak English (!)) and toured through Europe and Japan before moving to New York. I still did a bunch of things before settling into College.
    When I went "back" to College, I was ready. Not that I didn't do well before. But for some people, though, it's just good to get out in the world, test your mettle, etc. And when you get to College, you're ready for it!

    1. Hi Maria- The signup is a challenge to NING. Your story is so inspiring- I think students would love to hear it- hope you will consider posting it on the NING site.

  2. I like the idea of NIng, and agree that signing up is an extra 'layer' that kind of seals it off, or can. I want to hear how the students work with it here!

    Maria, wow! Why haven't I heard all these stories? Sounds fantastic. Will you perform for 2.0? Post some vid? :)

  3. I heard students testify last night on TV about the mounting debt issue and how it has impacted their college career. What I found interesting is no matter how large the debt they still saw the college experience to be important to their life development.