Wednesday, April 25, 2012

In class group 2.0 with netbooks

In my philosophy of art class I gave a group inquiry assignment on the question “What is Art?” The assignment consists of several parts, including their first pre-theoretic thought about the answer, selecting a painting from the MOMA website, describing and discussing the painting, and finally giving a group presentation. I used the six netbooks we have and it worked great in the E building but hardly at all in the C building, which has problems with internet connections.

Groups of 3-4 students selected a painting of their choice by looking through a number of paintings on the MOMA site. They had about 20-30 minutes to find one they liked, and in the process they looked at many paintings, which they also considered and which they recognized when we went to the museum 2 weeks later. They could also make entries to the class blog during class and I was quite happy with the presentations at the end of the project.

So, I recommend using the netbooks for group 2.0 in class assignment, as long as you are not in the C building.

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