Saturday, April 7, 2012

This Week's Reflection

I assume everyone under 30 lives in a vast techno-world with Twitter, Facebook, smartphones and texting. However, when it comes to BLOGGING I hit the brick wall with them. This week has been a major struggle helping them understand how to blog. I had them all set up for the Gmail account and that went "almost" flawless. However, when I invited them to post on the class blog more than a few indicated to me that they had neither ever looked at a blog or understood how it worked.
One decided upon herself after I had discussed with her to text the entire post to me...My poor phone was overtaken by this lengthy set of text message...14 to be exact. We have cleared that up now and I think I have the majority of them on track to actually to do their first time ever postings.
Trying to do all of this in a totally on line using various forms of media to convey the message has been a different learning experience for me than in any other semester.

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  1. I can appreciate this. I think in part our 'under 30' students face some class barriers to the new kinds of mobile media than middle-class students. The reason I think this is because I don't think our students necessarily come from community cultures where people are devouring information and commenting on it - to me, it seems, they come from working cultures, which are equally fascinating but less involved with 'naturalized' skills of research and commentary that seem so 'natural' to middle-class persons under 30.

    I'm always surprised when less than 4/28 of my students have blogs, and less than 3/28 have Twitter accounts. They're somewhat 'behind' because the quality of their education to this point, if it's been public in the US, has been directed toward test-taking.

    I've had to build 1-2 weeks of 'signing up' days into my schedule as a result. I literally say the 'full' assignment is 'signing up,' because that usually involves tons of issues and is time-consuming by itself. I was impressed with Maria's recent blog entry, where she said part of the reason why we learn these modes is to 'learn how to learn.' I think that's important - we do this to 'get them writing,' but also to show them what writing in 2012 now looks like.