Thursday, April 5, 2012

Week 5

The new WebAttendance system does not seem to be optimized yet for hybrid-online courses with asynchronous content. The new "Online Attendance" roster makes sense, considering that some of the course content for a hybrid needs to be completed online. However, the online hour in my hybrid classes is conducted asynchronously, which means that the students have a full seven-day period to complete the weekly content. Since the census period for attendance just ended, I have been locked out of recording the week of attendance that was still in effect. I now need to send the missing attendance information to someone in the Office of the Registrar to have them input it. Is anyone else who is teaching a hybrid experiencing this problem? Is there anything that I can do to fix this issue in future semesters? It seems like classes with an Online Attendance roster should have an extended census period, but I'm sure that this is not easily changed.


  1. Darn, Ari. I doubt that the deadline could be moved, as it has to do with federal funding. Let me ask around ...

    1. Thanks, Ximena. Please let me know what you hear.