Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Belated Report on BMCC Conference and Research and Writing Presentation


Michelle, Jason, and I presented on Community 2.0 (this time the focus was networked literature classes) at the Transitions and Transactions: Literature Pedagogy in Community Colleges at Borough of Manhattan Community College (April 20-21). Jason started us off with a brief  review of C 2.0 followed by his findings and outcomes when teaching Writing through Literature (ENG102) via Blogger, and then Michelle let us know the pluses of using Facebook for the same course. I then discussed how bringing in new perspectives from other disciplines into the literature classroom could really help students consider literary texts in a different way.

For a super-quick review of what I covered, go HERE.

Overall, our presentation was well received, and we had some very interested people wanting to know more about what we are doing with our networks.
Then, on April 30, Jason and I had a short workshop on Research and Writing sponsored by the Academic Standing Committee. We covered strategies to make research assignments difficult-to-impossible to plagiarize as well as how to tell when a student may be considering plagiarizing as an option, how to help students not go down that path, and what to do once plagiarism has happened in your class. If you are interested, you can see the whole thing HERE. (If you are really interested, check out the presenter's notes at the bottom of each slide).

But the exciting part for us about this presentation is that, after it, we had a serious conversation about creating a network/repository of sample research prompts from all departments so that we could all learn from each other. As  a Community 2.0 leader, I am very proud that we have gotten to this moment in our college where we are considering sharing and collaborating in something as important as teaching research strategies. So I'm crossing my fingies that network will happen and I am thinking perhaps, a community in Zotero (or a wiki) could be the right tool for it.


  1. Amazing work!! Congrats to you three for presenting at BMCC and you two for your work here on teaching research. RAC! (research across...). Can't wait to read the links. (No pressure.) Zotero...? Okay, I'll check it out.