Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Case of Professor Lovelit

At our last f2f meeting some faculty mentioned having to address issues of academic ethics and plagiarism. One approach for addressing this issue in class is through an experiential learner-centered activity. The activities asks students to read a very brief description of events that involved several students in Professor Lovelit's class. Students are then asked to rank characters in the order of their responsibility for a student's failing grade. The activity fosters lively debate and makes an important point. Here is the link to the activity.

I've been exploring Diigo and have found it helpful in many ways. This year I've been trying different blogging tools to create a site that students and faculty could share information and experiencing on education and career planning and haven't really found something that worked. I'm shifting gears and will use Diigo to share information with ACE GED students who are transitioning to credit programs. One of the programs I oversee involves facilitating the application process for about 300 GED students who enter LaGuardia's credit programs each fall and spring. This is a more manageable number to work and involves working with programs that the CDC staff already has relationships with. Don't know why I didn't think of this sooner.

I love Diigo but as an  iPad user I've been using Evernote and  I wondered if they were too similar- if you have that dilemma you might find this link useful-as suggested- I use now both, you may like them both too.

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