Thursday, May 31, 2012

Food Art!

My Intro to Art students have recently posted work to their community blog "Art Food Yum!" This ongoing class project aims to collect and boast an international compendium of student recipes. Students prepare and document their favorite dishes which range from the traditional, to the personal to the creative and the bizarre. My students tend to love taking-on the role of "culinary designers" and I have the great pleasure of peering into their food lives. Once in a while, I even try preparing their recipes on my own! Below is an image from this semester of an especially-creative presentation of the dish, "Spring Stuffed Tomatoes."

Here is a link to the blog:

Next week, I will post some work from their curated online exhibition project. Great stuff so far!


  1. WHOA!! This is such an amazing piece! And I bet it is yummy also. I'm checking your blog for recipes....

  2. Thanks, Ximena! There are some great posts this semester. Food is the true universal language.