Thursday, May 10, 2012

Grammar Game (or Fun with Grammar)

I tried out something new in the computer lab today for my ESL 097 class: "Speed Grammar."

The Activity:
The students got onto the class blog and were instructed to read the latest post. I posted one grammar question at a time and they had to do the exercise/post the answers as comments as quickly as possible.  I told students to post within 2 minutes and started noting who posted the correct answers first, and soon all the students were trying to be speedy and correct.  I verbally told all the students whose answers were correct or if there were any problems by refreshing frequently and looking at the comments.

To post a new question, I simply edited my blog post, and students had to refresh their pages when I said, "OK, I've posted the next question!"

Students were really engaged!

The Application of the Activity to Other Classes/Content:
I think something similar, where students quickly post answers (and can't yet see other students' answers until they have posted and have refreshed the page) could work like a quiz on any content, could work for math formulas and problems, and could be a great way to give commentary on things like proverbs or argumentative issues.

Further Discussion:
I plan to use this again to have a type of quiz over the main concepts in the novel we have been reading ("Having Our Say: The Delany Sisters' First One Hundred Years").

The Speed Grammar blog post:


  1. And, I thought I was busy! Go Rebekah's students!

  2. I like it; easy, fast, and useful.