Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Using JeopardyLabs for Final Exam Review

So, as many of you know, I use games to help students remember important details about the texts they are working with.

In Shakespeare, for example, I have a "Quote Game" that helps students remember and think about important quotes from specific Shakespeare plays. Students are grouped for a game depending on the quotes they have submitted for it. See more HERE.

This semester I began the practice of putting students in "Houses" a la Harry Potter (I went to a British school as a kid and was a member of  The House of York), so I had to consider slightly more competitive types of games where supporting your House and its members would get you extra credit.

So, for the ENG102 (Writing through Literature), I designed a Much Ado about Nothing Jeopardy Game to be played by teams. The winning House gets the most extra credit points and all participating Houses get "consolation" extra credit. JeopardyLabs, the tool I used to create my game is simple, easy to use, and requires no sign in. Best of all, anyone can grab one of the ready-made games, make a copy, and edit that copy to fit her own classroom. See the tool HERE.

Some games created with the tool: 
  • The Hunger Games Jeopardy HERE.
  • Economics Review Jeopardy HERE
  • Grammar Review HERE.
and etc.

Since my ENG102 has not played the game yet (it's this coming Monday), I do not have results/conclusions. I will update this entry with them some time next week.

UPDATE: The Much Ado Jeopardy Game (HERE) was a success. Students came together, enjoyed themselves, and learned a bit more about the play before the final exam, where Much Ado will be the main text. They resoundingly agreed that this was an excellent way to gain extra-credit points.

So, even if the assignments qualifies only for Bloom's lower levels (Knowledge and Comprehension), Ima makin' it a part of my classes. Thanks JeopardyLabs!

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