Tuesday, March 19, 2013

2.0 Dance Card Interviews

Daryl (CUNY Fatherhood Academy)
Daryl is thinking of using Blogger and Wiki. Wiki would be used a s source of information for students, a place of reference. Blogger will be used as the free space for students to express their opinions and responses to information available on the Wiki. He didn’t name a specific lesson plan or activity, however his focus is on creating and implementing activities which not only engage students but keeps them engaged and continuing to draw out conclusions from what they have read/learned. In terms of making connections, he would like to work with an ESL course.

Lisa (Humanities/ Communication Studies)
Facebook would be the tool of choice for Lisa. It is familiar to not only the students bit to her as well. She would like to use Blogger as well as she becomes more comfortable with it.  Critical analysis for Public Speaking calls for drawing out conclusions on a speaker’s message, main points, as well as to provide examples. She feels Facebook will provide a less pressure-filled environment for students to respond to questions. Also more importantly it gives students a voice that would unlikely be heard in the classroom.

Sree (MEC)
Sree is interested in using Google Groups. She has little experience with the program but feels it will be the most comfortable to use with her students.  Her lesson plans involve problem solving topics. Working online will encourage peer to peer thinking of these specific concepts and then applying it to a solution. She would like to connect her two groups of classes-her hybrid and her regular course

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