Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Collaborative 2.0 efforts

Nicole would like to use ePortfolio, in part, because it is a familiar platform and that there is also a lot of support (such as STMs, consultants, etc.).  If not ePortfolio, then she would like to use Blackboard.  These tools would be used in conjunction with her urban studies course and specifically the "Robert Moses project" (which is part of the strategic plan). She would like to connect with a business law course taught by Victor Hernandez to explore the economic and law perspectives.  They would also create an informational app (time permitting).

Sreedevi would like to use Google groups with her hybrid and regular MAT 120 (statistics) classes.  Since this is the first time she is using web 2.0 tools, she would like to use Google groups to simply enhance discussion between these two sections of the same course.  It is her hope that this tool with allow each class to learn from one another (perhaps as they develop or work on different stages of a project).

Vanessa is teaching a urban black psychology course as part of a learning community and as a stand alone course. She would like to use video as part of one of their projects  in which they explore the different social aspects of neighborhoods around New York City.  She would also like to use Blogger for students to share their thoughts and experiences between the two sections.  Blogger also seems to be more fluid, for instance, than Blackboard's Discussion Board.

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