Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dance Card Activity

 Wynne would like to use Ning or Wiki because she want something to post and show student work. The learning activities that are posted could be used in drafting process. Her class does a community project towards the end of the semester so the students can always look at different charts, graphs, data and post their comments. There are approx. 20 GED courses offered at LaGuardia. Wynne wants to connect to all 20 GED sections because she thinks that some of these sections are isolated. I think it’s a great idea.

Thomas wants to use Blogger. He thinks it’s a good platform for writing and to post comments. Would also like to use Video in someway, maybe reflect on videos. He is currently teaching ENA101, a hybrid course. He would like to connect his class with another ENA101 class taught by a different faculty. His goal is to help students prepare for CATW.

Prosha would like to use Blogger. She also wants to incorporate Facebook in order to build communities and access them. She is teaching CSC00 and is currently connected to CSZ, a workshop taught by a different instructor. She wants students to post their summaries and evaluate their writing.

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