Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dance Card

Milena - Mathematics
Milena uses Blackboard tools and a platform called Open Learning Initiative (OPI) with her classes.  However, she would like to use Blogger to connect her classes and as a means to motivate her students in the lower level courses.   She would like to connect Basic Math 096 and Statistics 120 so students can learn various mathematical concepts. 

Steve - Human Services
Steve  is using Instagram, Eportfolio and Blogger for assignments  and facebook to collaborate. What I find particularly interesting is having students upload recording of their final project on Eportfolio and his plan to have the students do a collage using Instagram.  He would like to connect with the Oral Communication Class where they can observe each other and learn from various styles.   

Nicole - Business
Nicole is using Eportfolio because there is on campus support and she is comfortable with this platform. She is planning to do a project on Robert Moses where students need to research on who he is and what implications his projects had on stack-holders

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