Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dancing With the Profs

Priscilla asked a lot of questions, but was very closed off with her own answers. (She's not teaching this semester and was only interviewing me.)
Melissa teaches written communication skills and is using Blogger and possibly Facebook to connect her students. Ultimately she is looking to work on their Critical Thinking skills, and build interest in learning.
She is interested in collaborating with an ESL, English 101, or English 102 professor by sharing the same book, article, or piece of literature to connect the students from one class to another.\
Rob has used wikis in the past and will continue to use them with his current classes. He likes the technology because it it is easy for the students to learn and doesn't use a lot of class time teaching technology instead of Public Speaking. He is also considering a blog for individual journaling.
Students will use the technology across two sections of his class for peer review purposes.

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