Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Which web 2.0 technologies are thinking of using, and why?

Porscha has experimented with a few web 2.0 platforms already. She found that Blogger was, for the students, very difficult to navigate and access. As a result, she turned to Facebook. Facebook is a platform that most students already know and connect with, so it's not hard to get them to engage as a class. By using Facebook, there are already a set of rubrics by which the students must adhere. They are forced to edit themselves before publishing because of the public arena that they are in.

Milena teaches Statistics as well as Math 96, which is a remedial class. It is harder to conceive of how to engage the basic math class online. She already intends or has already committed her to using wikis and the discussion board on Blackboard. In early in the course, the students are asked to discuss how statistics are used in the public sphere. Towards the end, they are asked to design their own research project. This is a good way for them to explore the basic concepts and to then use them.

Which of your lesson plans or learning activities do you think would lend itself to being a learning community activity, and why?

Just to reiterate, Milena wants to motivate her students by getting them to comment on the use of statistics in public discourse early in her course.

Porscha mentioned that her students are required to do a lot of summary writing in her readingn strategies class. I did not get to ask her at what point these students are doing the most summary writing or if they are doing throughout the class.

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