Monday, March 4, 2013

First Post - Pedagogical Frameworks and You

Academic Reading Strategies prepares students for the rigors of college reading.  Students read intensively to acquire background knowledge and information, academic vocabulary and test-taking strategies.  Students need to be able to analyze and comprehend reading materials, summarize and explain relevant ideas or concepts; also, be able to connect information from the text with other readings and their own ideas. So, I would have to say that I employ Bloom’s Taxonomy since it outlines the focus and objectives of Developmental Reading Classes.  

I would like to learn more about Freire and Critical Pedagogy and Vygotsky ZPD because they align with my teaching philosophy.

I would like to use blogger as a way to promote collaborative learning.  I would like to connect with other classes and facilitate discussion of reading materials and create an environment, which fosters critical thinking.


  1. Melissa, can you explain a little more about Academic Reading Strategies and Developmental Reading Classes? Thanks.

  2. I saw on my post that you're leaning toward FB instead--I carefully set up Blogger and Word Press blogs and immediately abandoned them due to a lack of familiarity with the platforms. I'll get them going, but for now, I'm using a FB group to interact with students in a lit elective (Images of Women in Literature, so a perfect class for this, I think). I set up a Twitter feed for the little grammar things I often use in class (amusing reminders of the importance of grammar, brain teasers, etc) so that we could spend more class time on larger critical writing issues, but none of the students are following me--like the one author of the piece that I'd emailed, I made participation voluntary for both classes, and Comp I wants nothing to do with it!