Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How to Create A Class Blog - A Lesson Plan

Create your own class blog in Blogger. You'll see that there are many formats you can choose from. The main things you'll do today are: (Helpful annotations for Comm 2.0ers in RED!)

1. Create an account using your gmail account.
2. Create a blog and give it a title that has your adjective and first name in it.  (For Comm 2.0 participants, use any name you want for your blog title!)
3. Highlight and copy your blog's complete URL. 
4. Paste your URL as a Comment to this post. (Alternatively, you can have students fill in their URL on a separate computer during class time.)
5. Type up, revise, edit, expand your draft and publish it on your blog. (I have my students bring a prepared assignment on a flashdrive or emailed to themselves so those who finish quickly still have plenty to do. I often ask them to bring an image to post.)

6. Create a "Blog List" on your blog. 
7. Copy and paste each class member's blog into your blog list.

8. a. Read the blog post of (This activity allows students to begin navigating the blogs while still in the classroom. It's amazing how much they can help each other and resolve issues right there.) 
  1. one person who is an oldest child; 
  2. one person who is a middle child; 
  3. one person who is a youngest child; 
  4. one person who is an only child. 
8. b. Comment on each of these posts: How does what this person has written compare to what Lucile K. Forer wrote in her article, "How Your Birth Order Influences Your Life Adjustment"? (Write 2 - 3 sentences.)