Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Interview notes

Mark's going to use Box.com which is basically a file sharing site that allows for comments.  Students will provide feedback and ideas on each other's speeches for his two public speaking classes.

Milena will be using discussion forums, wikis and blogs (hasn't decided exactly yet) for students to view examples of statistics problems that are NOT solved properly.  Higher level students (from Math 120, Statistics) will comment on these examples.  Lower level students (from Math 96, remedial math) will be able to observe and ponder these comments.

Steven teaches creative arts therapies and is considering how to combine this with an oral communication class.  He would like his students to do a research paper, a Powerpoint from that, and then an oral presentation on the same topic.  He would use ePortfolio for these.  He also wants to use Instagram for students to post pictures/collages as a visual representation of their selves -- and then have other students decide: which collages belong to which individuals?

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