Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Maria and Priscilla Interviewing the Singletons (Daryl, Steven, and Leah)!

We interviewed Steven, Daryl, and Leah!
Because his Human Services class has many visual components including students making collage self-portraits, Steven is thinking of using Instagram for visual communication and Facebook or Blogger for a collaborative writing tool. Students are also creating ePortfolios. They will be doing a Powerpoint and a final research paper in the form of a Podcast--is this right, Steve?
He's thinking of connecting with Communication students to examine the dynamics of individuals and groups in Human Services classes.
Daryl is thinking about a Wiki (possibly PBWorks or Google Sites) or FB Groups. He's interested in doing a lesson plan/activity that would support a "how to learn" lesson. At the time, he was thinking that an ESL class or a Linguistics class would be good to connect with and also Milena's class for a math connection.
Leah has already been using Twitter and FB for casual interactions among her students and a file sharing platform for more collaborative projects. (Mark suggested Box.com.) She thought of using Web 2.0 for peer review (the collaborative aspect) and vocabulary. A user-generated dictionary would be fantastic--especially as she was considering having students in her Women in Literature course connect with students in Lisa's Images of Women in Media. (They could also connect on FB.) Sounds like a match! 

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