Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Milena's danced interview

Melissa is in Communication Skills has very clear ideas on how to use Web 2.0 in her teaching. First she is thinking to use Blogger and Facebook to connect her Basic reading Class to a different level class in her department (either ENG101 or and ESL course). She plans to use it in the context of critical thinking where students will need to read and respond online. 

My second partner was Robert from Communication is planning to use Wikis and Blogs in the context of his Public Speaking class. His plan is to connect two sections at the same level (same course HUC 112) to incentive peer review. The main Web 2.0 technologies he plans to do are Wikis and Blogs where peer review is encourage in small groups on written posts, and videos or audio file of student speeches.

Lastly, I talked to Daryl who works for the CUNY Fatherhood Academy (GED) teaching a variety of topics in English and Math. His main motivation to use Web 2.0 technologies is to generate in the students motivation, organizational skill, discover drive to learn, and find that success is recognize in the small details of each daily routine. For this he wants to use Wikis and Facebook. I really like his idea of posting encouraging posts in Facebook when students complete small tasks for the class, or to point them out to interesting reading. 

This was a difficult activity... but I heard very nice ideas, and had motivated me to start brainstorm further. 

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