Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pedagogy - different approach!
I want to wish everyone in the Community 2.0 program a healthy beginning of Spring 1 semester. I'm looking forward to learning and growing with each one of you as we continue to explore the best practices of bringing technology and web based tools into our classrooms. My reason for joining this program is essentially to:
a) learn about educational apps that can make learning fun or at least interactive for our students and
b) how to integrate innovative technology into my classroom.
My pedagogical approach is based on the table below. It is essentially hybrid method that encompasses different methods.
Point to Consider
Instuctional Design & Organization
Setting curriculum
Communicate course goals and course topics effectively
Designing methods
Provide clear instructions
Establishing time parameters
Provide due dates/times
Utilizing the medium effectively
Provide instructions on how to participate in use of message board
Establishing netiquette
Provide guidelines on acceptable behavior

Facilitating Discourse
Identify areas of agreement/disagreement
Assist students to learn by identifying these areas in course topics
Seeking to reach consensus
Provide guidelines on resolving disagreements
Reinforce student contributions
Reply promptly in an encouraging manner to student contributions
Setting climate for learning
Encourage student exploration of new ideas for course concepts
Drawing in participants and promoting discussion
Keep students engaged and participating in productive dialog
Assessing efficacy of the process
Keep students on task with high level of interaction

Direct instruction
Presentation of content/questions
Presentation which helps students to learn
Focus discussion on specific issues
Focus discussion to assist students to learn
Confirm understanding
Provide helpful feedback to student posts or assignments
Diagnose misconceptions
Assist students to revise thinking
Inject knowledge from diverse resources
Provide info from articles, texts, personal experience, links to external websites
This chart is a compilation of information from:
Shea, Peter J., Alexandra M. Pickett, and William E. Pelz.
"Enhancing Student Satisfaction Through Faculty Development:
The Importance of Teaching Presence." 
Elements of Quality Online Education: Into the Mainstream 5(2004): 39-59.


  1. I like your chart. Sometimes I need this kind of style for organizing ideas.

  2. Reginald, I will definitely be using this chart. Thanks

  3. I think an amalgam of pedagogies is realistic--it is certainly my own style--and the chart makes it seem so much more structured! "Yes, I have a plan." :)

  4. Hi, Reginald: I'd love to know how this chart comes to life in your classroom (do you show it to your students?) and course content/activities. How does it relate to the pedagogical frameworks? What Web 2.0 platform(s) are you considering?