Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Plans for Community 2.0

Everyone I spoke with is still exploring their options, and thinking about the best connections to make between courses and sections.

Sree is planning to use google groups as a discussion platform that connects students in her hybrid and traditional MAT 120 (statistics) courses.  She thinks google groups will be a good tool to pose questions about pre-selected topics for student discussion and guide peer to peer learning.  She might use some of the questions she poses on her group on the exams she gives in class, or to help students study for exams.  She'll scale up her work, so that after she connects two of her own classes, she might try connecting to another professor's class.

Vanessa is looking forward to learning more about blogger, and might explore using it in her classes.  She has some concerns about social aspects of a platform like facebook infringing on instructional goals.  Since she is teaching two sections of the same course, she plans to connect them via the platform she chooses.

Lisa already uses Facebook; to get around the question of students' social lives infringing on class time in facebook, she asks students to create a new, academic profile for her classes.  She may begin using blogger in classes to give students the opportunity to conduct critical analysis of images, video, and other representations. She hopes to connect her course in Images of Women in Media to Leah's ENG 245 class; Images of Women in Lit.

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